Online gambling has been done and promoted in many ways. Sometimes it seems like there’s no room left for further innovation. But there is always space to make gokken, or gambling, even more interesting. And that is the basis of our new project called Taking gokken to the next level. For this project we are looking forward to collaborate with some prominent names in the industry. Let us tell you all about these plans and what the future holds for online gambling. If you have anything to add at the end, you can always get in touch.

New ways to promote games

Gambling no longer has to be limited to casinos only. This is why we are setting up a game show called Who Bets Best? that can be streamed on any website. The purpose of this show is to have two contestants play the same slot machine with the same amount of credit for a while and see who wins. The winner goes on to the next stage, that will then lead into quarter finals, semi-finals and the finals. Eventually the winner ends up with a great prize. We are talking with for a collaboration in the form of a sponsorship.

Different casino games

A trend that we have been seeing for a while now is that people love to see themselves. That’s why reality TV is so popular and people keep applying for these shows. Casino players are no different. Every player would like to see what it’s like to be a live dealer, even if just for a day. That is why we are developing casino software that allows the player to present its own games. If the quality is good enough, the player can go live and present in front of others.

New online slots

Gokken is something from all times, but it seems to be getting more and more popular as time passes by. Especially online casino slots are extremely popular. But nothing really innovative has been developed for quite a while. That is why we are talking to one of the market leaders about creating a new slot for which players can upload their own pictures to replace the standard symbols. Players will even be able to upload their own background. Talking about bringing your own luck when you start to gokken.

Sponsoring a successful player

It is no secret that every online casino has some players that just can’t seem to lose. No matter which games they play, they just keep winning more and more money. If you are not so lucky, you might like another option that we are developing. You can sponsor this player by paying an x amount of his wagers and you will receive the same percentage of his profits. Currently we are talking to some market leading casinos and their top players to find the best way to make this happen. Then you will be able to gokken on the safe bet.

Many other ideas

Of course these are not our only ideas, but it takes a while to go from idea to actual execution. Especially in an online casino. These casinos are very flexible, but only to a certain extend. They are developed to serve a purpose and if the new project doesn’t fit in that purpose the entire casino needs to be adapted to it. Which is obviously a big investment for the casinos and that is why they sometimes are reluctant to get on board. But luckily for us, we have a great sales team that can make anything happen.