Our Services

Our expertise is pretty solid, and in general, the kind of marketing that one should expect from us falls into these four categories:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Services where a company would create webpages that would drive traffic to your online gambling establishment. This is accomplished by clever use of certain terminology relating to varying degrees to your website, causing it to appear more often in search engines such as Google, we did this for example on Karamba casino.
All too often, certain marketers – and for obvious reasons we will not be naming any names (both out of respect for our competitors and out of concern for avoiding getting in trouble!) – they simply sometimes just completely fumble the execution. Using stilted keywords, not integrating them properly, and generally just not understanding how to do it is something to watch out for when choosing a marketing company.

Social media marketing

Using social media websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other websites in order to get people to not only go to your website, but to also follow you on social media websites (thereby keeping them in tune with further marketing and events relating to your website).

However, our social media marketing work does not simply begin and end at “making compelling posts on the popular websites.” Part of our skills set is, absolutely, working to see which next big social media website will be worth pushing our marketing on.

Viral marketing

Managing to get something out into the public eye that sets the world on fire. Viral marketing can be very tricky, as it does need to give off the impression of being something that feels like it came naturally; over the years however, we have managed to nail that down very, very well, one example was a video of a winner in Slot machines that became viral recently, due to her reaction when winning.

It’s certainly not worth a lazy approach – you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

Customers are pretty capable of spotting fakeness, so you want the thing that you put out there to not actually feel like it is trying to bait people into sharing it. It could be something cool that happens in or around it; really, anything that gets your name out there as a result of people sharing things about you or related to you is great to have.

Online reputation management

This is something that a lot of companies never want to have to worry about, but nevertheless must. Sometimes someone or something can go wrong with your company, and as a result, you will simply need to have someone who can get all of your ducks in a row – improve your reputation online, try to get negative things buried (sometimes even burying them by accepting them as mistakes and announcing an intent to move on), etc.
No matter whether you just have one area of your company’s marketing or perhaps even need multiple or all of them, we have plenty to offer. Some companies are a jack of all trades, and some are a master of few – us, we think it is better to be both. Of course, our success in creating success is not just monetary – heck, sometimes a monetary gain can wind up being the less important element. Getting your name out there, getting your business going, creating some solid momentum, establishing connections with other people and businesses that can get your business to new and greater heights could ultimately create you greater monetary gain than the short-term gain that you will get. It’s all about the long game, and any marketing professional will tell you the same.