Our Story

Our company saw humble beginnings in London in 2002; my partner and I (partner in both business and love!) both became very interested in technology as well as marketing from an early age, and we could see where the wind was blowing with respect to the online gambling industry. We went to the same high school, went to the same college, and when we were done, we decided on two things: one, we were going to make a foothold in that industry, and two, we would do it as a couple. We were not the only people, mind you, who helped to get this company started, we had help from and some new internet casinos 2020 – we would absolutely never entertain that we were the only ones who lifted it up. There were three other people who really helped us bring it all together; two of our closest friends from school and my wife’s uncle. The combination of our skills made us feel that we had a real killer company. Her uncle was excellent at marketing, having worked for marketing companies all of his life. Being that we were young people entering the business, no matter how much knowledge we had – or rather, thought we had – he found all too many holes in that knowledge and happily helped to fill them up. While we have received a treasure trove of mentorship from people in the industry, it would be a lie to say that anyone person out there has given us any degree of understanding of the industry that we work in that could match up with the amount of it that we got from him.


Of course, we were absolutely not the first to try it, and as such we had a lot of competition that we had to overcome. Competition that had a lot of the money, power, and clout that frankly, a small startup like ours simply did not have.

It certainly was not sunshine and rainbows either; we got kind of bullied by our competition, and we saw first hand exactly what it can mean to be the junior of an industry. We posted losses early on in our existence, we faced a lot of ups and downs (with most of them being downs), and for a while, we were legitimately worried that we would not be able to maintain as a company.

early success

Through hard work, perseverance, and great early success, we were able to slowly but surely climb the ladder of success. It was not easy, and to this day is not easy; we still have a long, long climb to go before we can call ourselves the best, but with all of the hurdles and obstacles that have been placed in our way by the industry at large, it is darn near impossible to not look at what we have done with immense pride. To this day, the five of us have a small company that prioritizes giving work to freelance contractors who know the marketing industry – both in and out of the online gambling industry – up and down, and we think that this has done all too well for us.

our hard work

Thanks to our hard work, and thanks to the assistance of my wife’s uncle, our business has been given many chances from a lot of companies out there. We have worked with a number of the top online gambling establishments around the world in the areas of viral marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and online reputation management; these companies include LeoVegas, BGO Casino, Kroon Casino, Unibet, WilliamHill, and Mr. Green, which hail from a number of places around the world.