Our Clients

One of the things that we are most proud of in terms of what our company has done is the profound level of satisfaction that we have managed to achieve with a number of companies – because ultimately, how good a marketing campaign you have on your hands lives and dies based on the satisfaction of the businesses for which you are marketing. We figured that we would toot our own horn a bit and talk about four of the companies that enjoyed our services the most.

Mr. Green

Mr Green casino was one of the first “big” casinos that we worked with, and it really helped us cut our teeth. Thankfully by then we were pretty darn good and definitely outpacing other newer companies; we didn’t do everything perfect at first, but we darn sure made an impression. The people at Mr. Green were so impressed with how well we handled their marketing that they kept coming back and asking for more, and every time we did it, we did even better than the last. It is not the only thing that helped elevate our company to greater heights, but we cannot imagine where the company would have been without being given a golden opportunity like this from such a significant and large company. The work they allowed us to do was both an honor and a privilege. Particularly, the services that we offered Mr. Green were in the areas of viral marketing and social media marketing, which we succeeded in in spades. They had someone who did quite well with their Facebook stuff already, but this company simply did not have the range that we had. We improved their presence not only on Facebook, but expanded their range to Twitter, LinkedIn, and other websites.

BGO Casino

BGO Casino – Unlike Mr. Green, BGO Casino was a job that we undertook well after we had established ourselves as a leading competitor in the online gambling gambling industry, and it really showed. BGO Casino gave us a bit of work to do; their previous clients had not done a super adequate job on the matter. It was not bad, but it needed huge improvements. They requested that we give them the gamut of our services – SEO, online reputation management, viral marketing, social media marketing, you name it. It took a bit of time, but once we were all finished, they were… well, pretty darned satisfied with what we had offered them. This lead to long-term work, and each time they were more satisfied than the last.


When we were done with LeoVegas, it was hard to determine which of the two of us were most happy with the outcome. LeoVegas was an absolute joy to work with, both in terms of understanding our business and what we needed to add, remove, and adjust. They did not complain, they did not become defensive, and they did everything in their power to ensure that our job was smooth sailing. Not that the other clients on this list weren’t great to work with, but LeoVegas to this day is the most pleasant and positive working experience we have had. The particularly most lacking area was the search engine optimization, which a lot of companies do find a lot of problems with. Thanks to their cooperation, we quickly filled those holes.

Kroon Casino

Kroon Casino was a smaller job than the other three were; there was nothing to overhaul, nothing to do that was particularly strenuous or difficult. More or less, it was an issue of just tweaking and providing greater insight. Really, Kroon’s marketing status was actually quite good – tons of credit to the people who were running it! – but they were especially impressed to see the stuff that we came up with, both with respect to areas that were overlooked (nothing major mind you) and areas where the marketing strategy could perhaps expand upon what it was already doing. We worked closely with their marketing team, and overall developed a very healthy, very friendly relationship. We still do work with this marketing company even, with each of our companies sharing our skills and expertise in order to make sure that we can both do more to advance the industry.